Many diabetic and non-diabetic patients experience numbness, tingling or burning pain commonly referred to as diabetic neuropathy. These symptoms are often associated with pressure on their nerves. Oral medications offer some relief for the pain, but may also have unwanted side effects and don’t improve the feeling of numbness. Nerve decompression is an exciting surgical technique that has been demonstrated in multiple studies to provide relief for these symptoms, in over 90% of patients that meet surgical criteria. This surgical procedure provides tremendous improvement in pain, as well as improvement of the bothersome and limb-threatening numbness found in diabetic patients. Additionally, the procedures are performed as an outpatient and typically require less than two hours to complete. Dr. Rosenberg devoted an entire year of fellowship training in peripheral nerve surgery in order to be able to assist patients with pain, numbness, and discomfort associated with compressed nerves. We have offices in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach to offer more convenience for our patients. Dr. David Rosenberg has a methodical approach and works closely with each patient to determine the appropriate procedure for them.